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Wood River Camp

All Alaska Trailblazers camps boast cabins with wood burning stoves for comfort and safety. The Wood River Camp is the base camp for all Alaska Trailblazer operations.

This camp was established in 1960 (see ‘About Us’ page for more history) and is accessible by a rare private runway in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness. A commercial flight service is booked for flights to and from Wood River Camp and additional flightseeing tours may be arranged upon request. Flights to/from Camp, horse treks, activities, food, beverages and lodging are all-inclusive with the cost of your stay.

Main Cabin:

Main Cabin, also called the “cook shack”, is the gathering spot for meals, campfires and is the sleeping quarters for your guides. Evening campfires are built in the fire pit or everyone collects wood for a Bonfire on the beach by the river. After a tasty home cooked dinner, dessert is often enjoyed while sitting by the fire.

Honeymoon Cabin:

Guests stay at Honeymoon Cabin facing Snow Mountain Gulch. The spacious Honeymoon Cabin is made of hand hewn logs and even has it’s own log cabin outhouse. Guests will enjoy a hot shower after a day in the woods, a true luxury in the middle of the wilderness!

The two queen size beds will comfortably accommodate 4 guests. The wood burning stove, shower, propane lights and cook stove, couches and dining table make this cabin tough to say you’re “roughin it”.

Healy Creek Camp

Established prior to Statehood, this camp is nestled in the mountains on a bluff overlooking Healy Creek. Clients stay overnight at this cabin on the 4-day horse trek from Healy to Wood River Camp. Mountain views are breathtaking, even from your cabin bunk.

Sheep Camp

Sheep Camp is a favorite overnight horse trip destination from Wood River Camp (or a tough hike). The trip includes woods, riverbed, a low river crossing, tundra and swamp. The camp was established by Debby’s father and brother in the early 1950’s and is rustic at best, but if you’re caught in a rain storm, drying out in the comfort of a cabin with a wood stove (not a tent) is heaven. The scenery is gorgeous and wildlife viewing opportunities great.

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