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Alaska Trailblazers -
Guided Horse Trips in the Alaska Range


We offer a variety of Horse Trip options including:

Trip Duration
Difficulty Level
1 (Easy) to 5 (Difficult)

Day Trek Wood River Camp The Lake 2
Day Trek Wood River Camp The Ridge 2
Overnight Trek Wood River Camp Sheep Camp 3
Overnight Trek Wood River Camp Painted Mountain Camp 4
4 Day Trip Healy Wood River Camp 4 to 5

Customized Horse Trips:

Guests may choose any single or combination day trail ride or overnight horse pack trip depending on time with Alaska Trailblazers. We recommend a Day Trek to start - becoming familiar with your horse and the river and mountain terrain. Overnight Treks require travelling approximately 5 to 8 hours from Wood River Camp to Sheep or Painted Mountain Camp. Planning for a least one day stay and two overnights at each of these camps is recommended. Guest always have the option to skip horseback riding altogether and opt for other activities.

We follow the natural game trails which require some trailblazing during our journeys. There are no groomed trails in Alaska’s backcountry – crossing the river and creeks, maneuvering through tundra, tussocks, rocks and brush along with unpredictable mountain weather make each horse trip challenging and memorable. Your guides will make every effort to make you comfortable and safe on all journeys.

4 Day Horse Trip:

Includes 4 days and 3 nights on the trail, the evening on the 4th Day you arrive at Wood River Camp spending that night and 1 additional day and night in Camp (total 5 days & 5 nights). Difficulty depends on weather, water levels and trail conditions. This trip is for those expecting a more extreme trail ride with multiple river crossings, a mountain pass, tundra, bog, riverbed rocks and thick brush… all part of this wild adventure. Bonds are formed with horses, trailmates and nature. A truly unforgettable experience.

Winter Trips:

Contact us to find out more about additional fly-in and snow machine trips available with Alaska Trailblazers.

Scenery ...

Experience the breathtaking scenery of the Alaska Range on Horseback.

Take a ride to the Lake, the Ridge, or along the river or creeks.

Tranquility ...

As you ride on your horseback in this vaste landscape, open your ears, and listen to the sounds of... nature, and the smell of the woods. Miles from the bustle of civilization, you will enjoy these relaxing moments. (No phone coverage – except a satellite phone in case of emergency).

Adventure ...

Take the reins and get into the wild country of Interior Alaska.


Fall colors on the trail.

Explore trails deep in the woods...

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