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Alaska Trailblazers -
Wildlife Viewing & Activities

The Alaska Range provides the perfect backdrop for viewing wildlife in its pristine environment. From the back of your horse, or hiking, immerse yourself in nature and you will encounter a variety of wildlife along the way.

Moose and Caribou freely roam the landscape. But also keep an eye on the tundra as Arctic Ground Squirrels unexpectedly pop out of their burrows.

View Dall Sheep on mountain slopes in the high country at Sheep Camp or Painted Mountain Camp and donít be surprised to spot Snowshoe Hares, Ruffed Grouse, Wolves, Porcupine, Ermine, Owls, Cranes, Marten, Pika and many more species of wildlife at any given moment.

Other Activities

While at the Camp, there is a wealth of outdoors activities aside from horseback riding (which is always optional): exploring and hiking, berry and mushroom identification/picking, sunning by the river, target practicing, relaxing, burl peeling, dutch oven cooking, wood cutting or whittling, rock collecting or wild flower viewing. The backcountry has so much to offer to the outdoors enthusiasts...

Discover the many wildflowers of Alaska.

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